Product Description

Cool Microscope is a portable and lightweighted USB Digital Microscope that fits in the palm of your hand, providing remarkable picture and video quality. Product features: 1.Magnification Ratio: 5 X ~ 500X (Manual, adjust without lens switching) 2. No need to get close to the eyepiece and reduce eyestrain. 3. In-built White Light LED x8pcs. 4. Easy to operate, USB Plug and Play. Takes photos, records videos and use the digital zoom function. 5. Ultra-clear image processing technology, excellent quality for image and video. 6. Portable, compact, less than 100g of weight. 7. Wider visible area for multimedia presentation. 8. With the incidental measurement tools not only measure length, circle, arc, distance between parallel lines, distance between point and line, but also draw and calibrate on the image you get. 9.Export results to word/excel or send e-mail.